A Meta-view on Money: Arthur Becker’s Art Speaks To The Past, Present, and Future of Money

Jun 28, 2017 | | Say something

Arthur Becker marches to the beat of his own drum. His well-known artwork speaks to his deep contemplation of what money is and how it affects us as a society. Arthur seems to have a rather detached view of money, and it often comes across in his artwork. Gold bars are turned into Jenga blocks, perhaps commenting on the game of acquiring wealth.

His series “Moneyflies” consists of real-world currency turned into origami butterflies that fly across backgrounds of brand-identified colors such as Tiffany’s blue and Cartier maroon. Arthur Becker uses his artwork to make statements about money, conveyed visually. In one piece, he has origami currency butterflies flying from fragments of a crushed magic eight ball.

Do you remember magic eight balls? They were big about ten years ago, and have been around for longer than that. They are a device that is said to help the user find answers to questions. The user asks a question, shakes the ball, and waits for an interior dice-shaped object with words on it to float to the surface and give an answer. Becker describes being fascinated with magic eight balls as a kid, because he wanted to be able to tell the future. Visit LinkedIn to know more.

Perhaps that desire has stayed with him as an adult, because investing takes such foresight and curiosity about what future outcomes may hold. There must be some innate frustration, too, when it comes to not being able to tell the future with accuracy. In the mixed media piece that uses a crushed eight ball, Becker shows the money fling away from the pieces, or in effect leaving the decision-making ball. Becker says, “You see, the money is escaping from the eight ball. The balls represent decisions, and the money is escaping.”

A meta- approach to relationship with money carries through much of his artwork. He also collects ancient currency, and incorporates their shape and form in his art. He is interested in the way people viewed money throughout history, as well as how it is viewed now. Some of his collection is over a thousand years old.

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