Richard Mishaan Design Offers Formal Interior Designs

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Richard Mishaan Design is a New York based interior design firm that is headed by Richard Mishaan himself. Originally from Colombia, he studied at New York University and the Columbia School of Architecture. He has worked for the iconic Phillip Johnson and has also published two volumes on the subject of modern interior design.

Richard Mishaan Design has been featured in many periodicals and his work is featured on Pinterest for those who wish to see his concepts of interior design and decorating.

Richard Mishaan Design focuses on strong contrast and uses white and its variants and blacks in profusion. He relies on white walls and the only strong colors are in the paintings he uses in his work. He is also not adverse to painting a color field painting for his clients; a nice touch for any interior designer.

The home designed by Richard Mishaan Design is formal, balanced and often resembles marble floored museums and art galleries. The work of Richard Mishaan Design seems to be intended for the most formal of clients; the types who dress in jacket and tie and semi-formal gowns for breakfast. The residents of the United States head in less formal interior design directions, away from the idea of having special requirements and serving items for formal dining and entertaining occasions, and toward a much more relaxed home environment. But the upper crust in London and New York City still adhere to more antiquated standards for interior design. Estate homes around London during the 18th and 19th centuries were very formal as were the southern antebellum homes in the deep south that they inspired.

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