Orange Coast College Rows To Nationals

Jul 21, 2017 | | Say something

Orange Coast College has one of the best rowing teams in the country and they continue to improve upon themselves every single year. With captain Daniel Amado at their head, they set out toward Nationals on May 25 of this year. This will be the second time in two years that the Orange Coast College rowing team has attended Nationals. Last year they took home the winnings, making that the school’s 11th win at Nationals since their founding. Daniel was on his rowing team as Los Alamitos High School but had to stop due to an injury he suffered in a disk in his back. He is glad to be back in the game and he is happy that he had rowing to give him the discipline to get back on his feet. He believes it has mature him physically and mentally.


The assistant coach for the men’s team, Steve Morris, has been devoted to the Orange Coast College rowing team since he served as its coxswain during his college years. He became the head coach in the 90s after he had graduated and he enjoyed his time in the position. But when he got married and had children, he needed to step down for awhile and focus on that. Serving as the assistant coach allows him to enjoy the best of both worlds; he has time for his family and also gets to stay involved with the rowing team at Orange Coast College. The David A. Grant Collegiate Rowing Center at Orange Coast College shows just how important the sport is to the college. Several of the boats cost upwards of $55,000 and there are also reminders of their past successes.


Orange Coast College was created in 1947 and it has developed an impressive reputation since that moment. They are now of the biggest community colleges in the entire country and they have over 25,000 students enrolled every semester. Orange Coast College also has one of the highest transfer ratings and many of their students go on to attend the University of California and California State University, as well as many private schools.


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