Understanding Marc Sparks beyond his Entrepreneurial Exploits

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Marc Sparks is undeniably an entrepreneur to reckon with, judging by his success journey. He is well-known for being the owner and chief executive officer of Timber Creek, LP. Timber Creek operates as a private equity firm that is devoted to transforming the dreams of passionate entrepreneurs into revenue-generating services and products. The firm does so through providing the necessary resources and support such as office space, capital, graphic arts, legal accounting, intellectual capital, and support staff among many others.


Ever since culminating high school, Marc Sparks has served as a principal in several start-ups. For this reason, he decided to pen his experiences and entrepreneurial journey to help other learn from his successes and failures. In fact, Marc firmly believes you cannot forget where or when you got your scars in life. Having been a C+ student in high school, he attributes his success in business to the grace of God. What’s more impressive is that he holds no formal training to undertake what he currently does, but his keen instinct compensates for that inadequacy.


Marc Sparks has continually demonstrated his enthusiasm when it comes to building companies. After getting an initial idea, he moves on to create a business model followed by a company culture. Additionally, Marc comes up with both long and short-term goals and growth plans. He attributes his success to several factors including tenacity, passion, faith, the savvy of monetization, focus and his exceptional sense of urgency.


Marc as an Author


Marc Sparks has gathered and learnt so many lessons through his many entrepreneurial endeavors, which stretch for about 34 years. As such, he has written a book dubbed as They Can’t Eat you, which leaves no stone unturned as far as his success journey is concerned. Marc believes that most readers of the book can learn more from his failures than from his successes. He finds it more educational to learn about how he lost his insurance holding company with approximately a billion dollar market cap in nearly ninety days as opposed to how he created a software company.


Marc as a Philanthropist


Away from business matters, Marc Sparks has also positioned himself as a philanthropist. He helps people through The Samaritan Inn, a homeless shelter located in Texas. He has been involved in the operations of the shelter, since the late eighties. The shelter emphasizes on providing hand ups instead of handouts. What this means is that Sparks and the shelter help those who are willing to help themselves. Furthermore, he supports several other charitable organizations including the Habitat for Humanity, through which he has constructed more than a dozen homes. Learn more: http://sparktankdfw.com/


Other Activities


To overcome stress and lead a healthy work-life balance, Marc participates in various activities including working out, hiking, hunting, golf and biking among others. He has also traveled across the globe to exotic locations like the Serengeti and Machu Picchu.

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