Gregory Aziz: The Fate National Steel Car

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In the town of Hamilton, Ontario there is a booming freight car and engineering plant called National Steel Car. While most people know about the great things that National Steel Car does for its community, they may not know about the complicated history behind the manufacturing giant or the story of CEO Gregory James Aziz. Greg Aziz, or James Aziz as many people called him those days, grew up in London, Ontario. When he finished Highschool he started his education at Ridley College. From there, Aziz went on to the University of Western Ontario. Aziz knew that he wanted to do something to contribute to the business world, an economics degree appealed to him for many reasons and he began pursuing it intensely.


In 1971, Aziz had finished school and started looking for a job. His family owned the budding company Affiliated Foods and Aziz started working there. While it may have seemed like he got the job due to a family connection, Aziz quickly put to rest any questions his peers may have had about his competence. Aziz proved himself to be an intelligent and formidable businessman. Throughout his sixteen-year tenure at Affiliated Foods, he saw the business explode. This was just one of many successes that Aziz would witness in his lifetime.


In 1987, Aziz started looking for a business of his own. While his time at Affiliated Foods has taught him a lot, he wanted to build something. He saw that chance with National Steel Car. National Steel Car had been established in 1912. They boomed for several years making freight cars and rolling stock for Canada and the United States. When the Great Depression hit, National Steel Car did what they could to survive. They started producing bus bodies and outboard boat shells to keep their doors open. World War II helped bolster the growth of the dwindling company, but they were doomed to continue their decline after Dofasco took over. In 1994, Aziz purchased the company. Get Additional Information Here.


National Steel Car is now one of the world’s leading freight car manufacturing and engineering companies. This has all been due to the careful considerations of Aziz. He overhauled the entire system and increased the workforce to over 3,000 strong. The company, once only capable of producing 3,500 cars a year started producing 12,000. In addition to that, National Steel Car has earned a reputation for impeccable quality. When looking at the history of Gregory Aziz and National Steel Car, it is apparent that they were always meant to work together.


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