Betsy DeVos: A Force To Be Reckoned With

Dec 27, 2017 | | Say something

Back in February, President Trump rescinded the protections in place that allows transgender students to use the bathroom that best represented their gender identities at school, a bold move that overrules the wishes of the secretary of education Betsy DeVos.


Prior to President Trump’s announcement, Betsy DeVos met with the LGBTQ representatives within the Education Department to warn them of what was to come. When she joined the President in announcing the policy change, she implied that she was in agreeance with the decision as the former policy showcases what was said to be an overreach by the Obama administration, a claim that shocked her opposers greatly.


The move prompted an immediate backlash from DeVos opposition, citing the decision as being a visible showcase of her willingness to bend the needs of the community to suit the administration. Those that have followed her career more thoroughly though say that she has proven to be a force to be reckoned with despite her accommodating public persona.


Before taking on her position under Trump’s reign, Betsy DeVos was often seen as generous, kind, and even pragmatic by those who both agreed with her opinions and disagreed with some, such as her political stances.


She was born into a wealthy family in Holland, Michigan in a family that held highly conservative values, something that largely shaped the person she is today. In her home state, she was often praised for her encouragement of programs like the use of vouchers to assist students with paying for private and religious schooling options as they provided diversity within the school system.


With no prior government experience, it is understandable that there would be some growing pains with DeVos, but it leaves her opposers wondering just how many of these policy changes they can expect in the coming years.


It is believed that her background is the root of her lack of connection to the public school system and why she seems so focused on charter schools, even in districts like Florida which don’t require significantly more funding to maintain their current charter school offerings but could do with more assistance in the public sector. Betsy DeVos has frequently fought to preserve and enhance the charter school systems, often voting to take tax dollars away from public schools to better serve their needs, something that her opposition cites as part of her plan to drain resources rather than give further choices as she proclaims.


As a result of her tenacity, Detroit now is known to hold the highest amount of charter schools, many of which are very low-performing showing that the demand for these schools is unjustified. While opposers may not understand DeVos reasoning for her decisions under the Trump administration, one thing is sure, she knows how to attain her goals, perhaps that is precisely why President Trump sought her out as Secretary of Education to begin with.


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