Communications Brand Talk Fusion Launches Educational University

Jan 4, 2018 | | Say something

Communications company Talk Fusion is all about growth and success, and the launch of the new Talk Fusion University is the perfect example of this. The products available from the brand are best utilized when clients and those selling them understand how they work. For this reason the creator and founder of Talk Fusion has decided that empowering the associates that will be selling the products directly to clients is the best way to improve the success of the brand.


Dozens of video lessons, tips and tricks, and training sessions are now available through the university platform making it possible for the sales team to access the lessons no matter where they are. This library also means that the sales team has the ability to access the lessons as often as they would like as often as they need. The founder Bob Reina is featured in each of the videos, describing exactly how to use and teach the use of the products because he knows them best.


Talk Fusion is all about bringing people together, giving them the tools that they need to communicate in the most effective way. With a groundbreaking software platform, businesses no longer need to rely on a suite of products, programs that don’t work, or have to be upgraded constantly. With this product a company can connect with its clients and partners through a dedicated connection and video services that are supported and accessible around the globe. Unique to other similar products is that the products are sold person to person and buyers develop a connection with the associates that sold them the products. This means that any help or special needs that a company has can be addressed quickly and easily. Learn more:


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