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Jan 9, 2018 | | Say something

Securus Technologies introduces their customers to proven technology to help them save time and money. Get to know the network you’re using by reading what other users have to say about their experience. More customers have complained about the cost of staying connected to love ones or friends in a correctional institute. Securus has made sure the price of inmate calls are gone by integrating interactive technology. They’re the advanced calling solution for inmate calls. Don’t trust the importance of staying connected to love ones with expensive surcharges or the cost of pricey celebrity advertised features.


Would you like to save money and use interactive features like voicemail or inmate calling? Learn how to build a network user option which descriptive tabs listed on their website. Their remote visitation feature has been popular because it gives users access over a clear picture and sound. This feature requires a Securus download with over 1 million users nationwide. There are also features available for inmates from their commissary list. CEO, Rick A. Smith says, you can depend on the Securus network. PRN has voted them the largest provider in the industry with well over 245,000+ valued customers actively involved nationwide.

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