Who is Dr. David Samadi?

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Dr. David Samadi fled from Iran at a tender age during the Iranian revolution in 1979. He was forced to move to Belgium with his brother without parents. During his high school years, Dr. David Samadi went to various schools, in London, Belgium, and the US. He eventually landed in us and graduated from Stony Brook University with a degree in Biochemistry. Dr. Samadi was later awarded a full scholarship which allowed him to make a huge leap to becoming a medical doctor. He got accepted to Stony Brook School of Medicine and completed with accolades. He then went to train at Montefiore Medical Center where he got his skills as a urologist.

Dr. David Samadi specializes in urology and treating certain cancers such as prostate, bladder and kidney cancer. He found new and innovative ways to treat forms of cancer in its earliest stages with minimal surgery. He is known because of his care for his patients and attention to detail. Through his SMART method, almost 90% of his patients are free of cancer.

Dr. David Samadi hosted the Sunday Housecall which gave out several medicals advises. He also shares medical information on a radio platform internationally and through his website. He’s inspiration is brought about by the sufferings of people with cancer.

Dr. David Samadi uses robotic methods to perform surgical procedures. He’s first encounter with this type of technology is while he was working in France and he helped pioneer these treatments. The team he had used robots in the operating room, and since no one had this kind of experience in the United States, he’s career shot up. Dr. Samadi gets his clients through patient referrals; this is due to he’s commendable surgeries that minimize the usual side effects of traditional surgery like impotence.

Dr. Samadi points out that he’s success is driven by his passion for helping people. He sticks to a schedule, which helps him establish a routine making him efficient. Most of the times his staff are like family to him, they share more than just a work environment. The SMART technique has been the most satisfying part of his job, numerous men suffering from prostate cancer have been saved from the side effects that come with conventional surgeries.

He hopes to provide men with a comprehensive center that will improve their overall health presently. Dr. David Samadi is on the verge of great technological advancement in the health care industry.

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