Dick Devos: A Man for the Ages

Feb 20, 2018 | | Say something

Dick Devos is a genuine man for the ages. He’s a strong example of an individual who has tried to put all of his resources to good use. This Michigan resident has been working on all kinds of causes for decades and decades now. DeVos was an ambitious young businessman at the beginning of the nineties when he caught wind of a potential development in Grand Rapids. This development involved the building of a substantial arena not at all far from the energetic downtown section. DeVos wasn’t having any of it, though. He didn’t approve of the construction project in any way. He had prior knowledge that made him feel 100 percent uncomfortable with the idea. There were numerous sizable construction projects that hurt Detroit, Michigan years in the past. DeVos didn’t want history to repeat itself in the worst possible way. He without delay got in touch with people who could assist him with the lobbying process. DeVos wasn’t going to let this construction effort ever see the light of day. Grand Rapids simply was too valuable for him.


That was just a single example of how DeVos thinks. Social matters affect all of the decisions he makes. His wife Betsy knows exactly how he feels, too. She’s the education secretary for the United States right now. She’s part of President Donald Trump’s staff. She offers insight that relates to topics that go way beyond the educational system as well. She’s got countless things in common with her husband. They both hail from environments that had a lot. Their families both had significant levels of wherewithal. They both made the decision to make the most out of their financial resources, too. That’s why it was a no-brainer for the couple to orchestrate the creation of the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation in the eighties. This charitable group has been making waves in the philanthropic field since 1989. Dick and Betsy both care about all sorts of topics that affect the well-being of the people in the United States. The Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation makes considerable donations on a frequent basis. It concentrates on all sectors ranging from art to education.


DeVos has an in-depth background in the aviation field. He’s fond of flying airplanes. He’s done so for a lengthy span of time. He appreciates the world of air travel so much that he actually even was behind the establishment of a charter aviation school. This school tends to the ambitions and needs of people who want to enjoy aviation vocations. People who dream about being successful pilots often think about attending it. People who wish to learn the ins and outs of safe flight techniques frequently consider signing up for the school as well.


Dick DeVos doesn’t restrict the topics that move him forward daily. He dedicates a lot of time to political matters in the United States. He knows a lot about the Republican party. He allots a lot of time to philanthropic concepts in general.


To learn more, visit http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/.

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