Robert Ivy’s Past And Future Vision For Building Awareness (Literally)

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Robert Ivy is current CEO of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). Inhering the position in 2011, Ivy has forged the organization into a reformed era of architecture and design. Ivy is considered valuable for his integration of societal issues into the organization and introduction of a technology based platform.

Robert Ivy attended Sewane University in 1965 with a B.A in English and obtained his Masters in Architecture from Tulane University in 1976. Ivy was a recognized critic for numerous architectural journals following his education. However, Robert Ivy’s architectural editorial mastery became known in 1996 when he became editor-in-chief of Architectural Record, an architectural and interior design magazine whose blueprint history has a span of over 100 years. Inside the magazine, Robert Ivy’s unshook spirit lead the magazine to explore the public sector through public health premeditation and social awareness as well as environmental policies all tracing back to the role of design and its architects. Architectural Record garnished the American Society of Magazine Editors National Award, the first of its kind magazine to receive such award.

In 2001, Robert Ivy published a journal detailing Frank Lloyd Wright’s student and helper, Fay Jones and his architectural designs. The journal was critically acclaimed by many, which recollected Ivy’s editorial poise one more time. Mc-Graw Hill Publication gave him the best management award in 1998 from which publisher Architectural Record was under at the time.

Now, in his recurring guest posts to the current Huffington Post, Ivy re-assures architects still hold purpose within the society, and one that is more important than ever. He challenges young architects to consider epidemics and societal human relations inside their careers, essentially, because they are the ones building the society. This might include working with other professionals that deal with the public sphere, like doctors, to tackle rising global difficulties. Obesity, he mentions, is an epidemic where design affects the utilization of space to serve as the cure, for example the construction a park versus a private building. He notes Cleveland’s MetroHealth Medical Center an example of architectural promise as an unrestrictive, adhesive space. Robert Ivy promotes education in his solution to hold future architects accountable of infrastructural elevation and condone professionals whose focus lies solely on building works of art. In other interviews, Ivy puts architects at the forefront of team-building intervention. He mentions architecture as a long known solitary profession where the general people never knew of the designers constructing their buildings. He mentions the AIA’s plan is to work with engineers and technology folks to brand the general access to their own infrastructural needs. Robert Ivy promises teamwork is the answer to building an all-inclusive public space.

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