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Doe Deere is the founder of a highly popular makeup and hair style brand known as lime crime which is known for having a variety of colors to choose from, and a way to display glamor in a whole new fashion. Lime Crime has a unicorn symbol on all of its products, and Doe Deere said she chose that because not only is it a fairy tale animal that is about making dreams come true, but it also is about being unique and letting out your inner self. She has seen her dream life come true, and she believes all of Lime Crime’s products can help young girls live out their own dreams and feel empowered to do so.


Doe Deere explains that growing up in Russia was part of what made her believe she could one day make a dream come true because the nation was still coming out of the cold war and there wasn’t a lot her family could buy. But upon moving to the US at age 17, she began dreaming even bigger and started pursuing those dreams at a New York City fashion school and also singing in a band part-time. Ultimately fashion design school won out and she began putting together her own apparel and selling it on eBay, and though she did make a little money doing this she wanted to make it stand out even more. Lime Crime did originate as the apparel brand name, but with limited money and the decision to model herself for her products, Doe Deere started buying dyes and makeup creation materials to create the cosmetics.


What Doe Deere discovered in creating these cosmetics and modeling for her own fashion brand was that they stood out in a way she felt could be attractive to new customers. She left the fashion design part of the business and started selling these new makeups and lipsticks as the new Lime Crime brand, and one of the first ways she started making them popular was through Facebook posts and blogs where she would explain to followers how to apply those cosmetics. But soon they started growing more popular, so she started to invest more into the business and by 2010 she decided to take it out to Los Angeles and startup the Lime Crime headquarters.


Doe Deere is outspoken about her love of animals and has several cats that she’s adopted and likes to spend time with each day. As Lime Crime’s website states, the products are 100% cruelty-free and vegan in line with Doe Deere’s values. Though she started out making all of Lime Crime’s products in her own home, she’s since partnered with a new cosmetics lab company that work with Lime Crime’s development team, but Deere does say that she still is the first to try every new makeup before it hits the market. Doe Deere likes using Instagram and Facebook to update Lime Crime customers on what’s coming out, and customers can also earn rewards and get discounts for purchasing products on the Lime Crime website.


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