Clay Hutson: Building a Great Reputation in Tour Management

Apr 30, 2018 | | Say something

When it comes to pop stars making great impacts in the lives of their fans, it calls for extra effort to make everything looks lit in every dimension. They would therefore invest their time to have an exceptional support team who are capable of creating a dope show for the stars. Halsey is among the stars who understand what things not to underestimate in the musical journey. She knows the effect of having reliable musical acts, gifted tour manager and quality equipment for performance. When it comes to a skilled and dependable tour manager, she falls for Clay Hutson. Halsey is a pop singer in the contemporary music world and is admired by many fans. On the other hand, Clay Hutson is a uniquely seasoned production manager and sound engineer for live music in the industry. He has vast expertise in the same industry. He has earned a great reputation and a good name over the years in the industry, and this is what fetches him many committed and serious clients. Clay’s resume contains information of how he worked for great music giants in the past years. These include Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Prince, and Guns N’Roses among many others.


Most of Clay’s experience was birthed from his engagements with such successful people in the music world and the many tours that he traveled across the countries. With all that experience, Clay was set to begin his own business. His business did not just come to be without any challenges but with determination and courage to traverse the challenges. At the time, the business came to be when the economy as hit badly, and so it took him some energy to put the business together once again.


Looking into the new engagement, one can keenly point out Halsey and Huston’s social traits. They are both savvies in the social media platforms. For Halsey, it is a way of building her business extensively. Halsey believes in the impact of word of mouth to the fans and customers. On the other hand, Hutson does a more complicated work on his media platforms. He runs a website where he ensures that he avails all relevant information. This is the platform where he avails any answers to the requests made by his clients as well as a platform to help some of the musicians. Hutson has a professional presence in the LinkedIn where he takes time to establish a catchy repetition and connects with many other people in the industry. Clay Hutson believes that there is a power of connecting with people since it strengthens one’s public image and attracts more into the business. Learn more:

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