Alex Pall, How It All Started

May 4, 2018 | | Say something

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are one of the worlds top leading musicians and DJs in the sector of pop music. They have drilled through every obstacle imaginable to get to where they are as musicians and artists and they do not intend on letting loose the cords of responsibility which carried them to their successes in the first place. While the other musical inventors whom they admittedly look up to slow down towards the end of their career for the purpose of taking a break and getting rest only to come back to people in the music industry saying no because they no longer find their style or techniques fascinating any longer.

The Chainsmokers are aware of their duty to provide a consistently high quality stream of music so that they stay on top of yhw ball and maintain their perception as being who they have already worked them selves to be. On top of hard work and dedication the Chainsmokers also pour out their hearts and souls into the music they make which is different and loads better than the empty and unfeeling beats produced by other musicians.

They do not believe in making music at random and hoping that people will like their stuff, rather they take a more methodical approach to the creation process and do what they do for them and only for their interests and then since the music is then shared with the world people get emotionally triggered by the music that the Chainsmokers produce which inevitably makes a new fan. They are in the business of pleasing themselves, and out of that gratification that they receive from simply creating the music that they love the world reflects that condition and so the cycle continues.

The Chainsmokers met ironically because of a set back in the production of the Chainsmokers as a band. The former band mare left Alex Pall and then to try to make ends meet he worked at an art exhibit to support his side gigs, but then he met Andrew Taggart and both of their lives began to transform.

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