Betsy DeVos: Driving American Youths into a Better Future

May 16, 2018 | | Say something

There is a major epidemic in the United States today. Many people aren’t entirely aware of it, but it has been spreading all over the country for some time now. While there have been many people who have campaigned against it, they have received severe pushback from individuals who like the way things have been going. They don’t see a difference between the way that things were before the decline from such an epidemic, most likely because they don’t remember a time when it wasn’t rampant throughout society. The epidemic of which I speak is an educational one. Schools all over the country are failing and it is because administrators or policymakers are not willing to address the bigger issue; the entire system needs a complete reboot. There is no putting a Band-Aid on this type of problem, administrators need to clean house on their staff or offer substantial retraining in order to provide students with a better standard of care.


The secretary of education Betsy DeVos has been warning the American public about this problem since her time as a committee member of the Michigan Board of Education. She saw the disparaging gap between what school officials expected of their students and the quality of instruction that they were provided with. In addition to being lackluster, many of the schools do not have the staff members necessary to provide their students with an adequate amount of coverage. Students are being squished into classrooms with their peers and they are falling through the cracks when it comes to their education. Increasingly more students are leaving the school system every single year knowing less than students from previous graduating classes.


So, what can be done about this growing problem? Betsy DeVos admits to Philanthropy Roundtable in a recent interview that there is not much that the current system can do without sweeping changes. She has placed her entire stock in the existence of private educational institutions. She believes that these private schools are the answer to this growing problem. While there are some families that may not be able to afford the higher rates for tuition, it is worth noting that they will set their children up for a brighter future because of the sacrifices that they make. There are also programs throughout the country that offer reduced tuition or scholarship programs for students that maintain an above average GPA. Students who are willing to work for the opportunity to perform in one of these schools are also in situations where they are able to benefit from such work. Betsy DeVos understands that there are many benefits to working with a public-school system and she is not asking for the country to completely give up on those systems, but she is urging parents to take more note of what their children are learning. It is one thing to send your children to school with the hopes that they will get a quality education but is entirely different to actively grab the steering wheel and drive them into a better future.


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