How OSI Industries Grew from Being a Boutique Food Manufacturer to an International Meat Provider

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Currently, OSI Industries is a leading food provider in the world. Not only does it have 20,000 employees but it also boasts of having acquired several marketing niches in about 17 countries. Even though this company has thrived into becoming one of the best food providers in the world, it began from a humble point where it only served a few consumers in a day. This is a perfect example of how possible it is for a company to grow from humble beginnings to becoming a major services provider in different countries. Over the years, OSI Industries has grown its presence in different markets thanks to the evolving technology alongside a globalized economy.

The Roots

OSI Industries foundation is rooted to America’s immigrant era. At that moment, Otto Kolschowsky was one of the individuals who had just relocated from Germany to Chicago, Illinois. At the same time, the people from Germany made about quarter of the entire of the population. Well, from the look at how fast the city was thriving, it was obvious for it to become a central business center OSI and the major entry point for emerging immigrants who aspired to settle in the farms of Chicago.

Otto Kolschowsky Starts his Business

Two years after settling in Chicago, Otto Kolschowsky decided to start a small retail butchery that supplied meat to the community. For about twenty years, he maintained the business by serving his clients with the high quality food products. At the same time, the First World War had just affected most businesses. However, being visionary and dedicated to staying on the right because of serving his community, Mr. Kolschowsky defied the odds of economic recession by expanding the business into a wholesale supplying firm. Inclusive of this expansion was an increase in the firm’s production capacity. From that moment onwards, the company took a leading position in the production and supply of meat. Later, the business assumed a common storyline that encompassed the adaptation of technology.

The Onset of Technology

The onset of technology provided additional production grounds for the company. For instance, the introduction of postwar economic expansion contributed to the increasing demand of food. In return, most businesses required technology in order to be able to preserve food. For that reason, the same businesses partnered in order to come up with inventive technology that was not relatively affordable for them. In one of these partnerships, Kroc decided to establish McDonald’s first restaurant. Situated in Illinois, the company vastly expanded its operations over the next few years.

Global Expansion

Later into the years of operation, McDonald’s owner met Otto Kolschowsky and his sons to discuss business. It was at that moment that OSI Industries was contracted to supply McDonald’s with food. From burgers, meat delis and other snacks, the business started flourishing and expanding its horizons across the United States of America.

The Overview

The next few years of global expansion have seen OSI Industries ascend the ladder of international food supply and production. Moreover, with the help of a leader like Sheldon Lavin who joined the firm at its pioneering years, the company has been able to acquire additional manufacturing facilities for its development.

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