Guilherme Paulus Is The 2017 Entrepreneur

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After the cameras stopped rolling, the production team went into the B3 recording studio for an enthusiastic chat with Guilherme Paulus. He was present for an interview with the Foreign Currency program aired on TV Dinheiro where he described his entire business trajectory.

Guilherme Paulus, the man from scratch is an icon as he managed to create a tourism empire by boosting the CVC operator! Upon learning that some members of the scholarship’s audio and video team were about to go on vacation he handed the present people his business card, saying that he would appoint an agency to sell the package.

The act, however, shared and common tells much about the 68-year-old businessman. After divesting a part of CVC for R $ 750 million, transferring the airline Webjet to Gol for R $ 70 million and Paulus currently holds the chair of the board of tourism operator. Paulus continues to bloom and as likes to say it, selling dreams. Guilherme Paulus continues by saying that he carries on with work because he enjoys creating and generating jobs as well as helping Brazil grow.

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In the recent years, the businessman invested R $ 600 million in hospitality, with the GJP Hotel & Resorts which he founded. The GJP group is a network with over 20 hotels spread across the 11 states of Brazil. Guilherme was elected as the Entrepreneur of the Year in service by money and during the event, he said that hospitality is the art of serving customers well clearly indicating that he likes what he does.

Guilherme Paulus GJP network has four flags with the most recent data indicating 92,000 guests. The network has employed 1.9 thousand people with an investment of about R $ 80 million. In addition, GJP took over the management of Marulhos Suites Resort, in Porto de Galinhas. To top it up, some of its projects are among the most celebrated in Brazil and have won several awards.

While winding up, Guilherme Paulus with a lot of tranquility says that he does not view his rival hotel networks as a competition. He finishes with the remarks that Brazil is a country of opportunity and can do a lot of things!

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