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Betsy Devos is a committed reformer. However, she has gained a lot of experience in political skills which she acquired from Calvin college. Hence, ever since in college, she has been involved in politics thus remaining politically active throughout her life. Therefore, for more than three decades Betsy Devos has been a political activist by leading campaigns, party organizations, and committees.


Nevertheless, Betsy Devos has succeeded in business by creating innovative solutions to social problems. Betsy has served as chairman of the Windquest Group which is a group of companies that is privately held. However, the company has been involved in a variety of investments such as technology, manufacturing, and clean energy. Therefore, she founded the company together with her husband Dick Devos in 1989.


Perhaps Betsy Devos achieved her goal as a reformer through a variety of nonprofit roles. However, she is the chairman of the Dick and Devos family foundation as well as her charitable activities. For example, she is a member of several national and local boards and the foundation of excellence in education. Nevertheless, she is well known as the pioneer of the for the educational-choice movement. Hence, played a role as a chairman for the American Federation for children and the Alliance for school choice.


However, Betsy Devos claimed that she has never been so optimistic as she is now due to evidence results of increasingly movements growth. Thus, within the last year, the number of students in the education-choice programs increased with a considerable percentage. Hence, in 2012 she launched new programs and expanded existing programs in different parts of the country and outside the country. However, in 2011 he achieved a major statewide voucher program which succeeded in its second academic year. Thus, Betsy conducted educational campaigns in five states and discovered educational choice more loved and enjoyed popularly.


Therefore, these events consequently have made people agree with the fact that traditional public schools are not succeeding. Hence, this has enhanced people to change their perspective on the formerly known as radical reforms. That is vouchers, tax credits, and education savings account.


Perhaps when Devos was carrying out research, she discovered that despite having the capability to take their children to school there other poor parents who are struggling with life. Hence, took that initiative to assist the poor and needy children to have a better education life. Thus, facilitated education reforms such as giving out vouchers, tax credits, and emphasized on opening education savings account.


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