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Mrs. Barbara Stokes has played a significant role in the changing of Relief Construction industry to GSH of Alabama, LLC. The changing of the Relief Construction Industry to Limited Liability Company demonstrates the capability of the individual. Her success is as a result of the quality education and experience from working in different portfolios in government. Read more at Business Insider. Barbara Stokes is graduate of Mercer University of a class of 2001 where she studied physics and Biomedical Engineering. While in the same university of Mercer she studied technical communication, manufacturing, and management, thermodynamics among other subjects. Before joining GHS, Barbara worked at other prestigious institutions such Boeing and Pisces Corporation where she left a significant impact. Besides, Barbara has a wealth of experience in government contracting, and as a result, she is proud to help GSH in aiding the mission of FEMA as well as the United States Government. Despite being busy with the running of the organization, she is an active volunteer in Huntsville as well as a mother of three. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

After assuming the office in GSH, there has been a significant improvement in the performance of the organization. For instance, in recent times a report shows through the GHS of Alabama, there has been a hefty donation of materials for building to Madison County branch of the Habitat for Humanity. Some of the materials GSH donated to facilitate the excellent course include; over 1000 sheets of Drywall, over 80000square feet of Linoleum and to facilitate the construction more than $100000.Through the leadership of Barbara Stokes, the GSH of Alabama used it’s in-house logistics network to transport the brand new materials to the Habitat for Humanity of Madison County. During the launch of the program, the CEO, Barbara says she is thrilled by the fact that the materials will play a good part in enabling the community to access the low-cost house. The materials donated by the GSH of Alabama are of top quality because Huntsville company objective is to ensure families are safe and comfortable in their homes. In America, families have suffered severely from disasters such hurricane, and in most instances, houses are destroyed. Barbara through GSH is dedicated to ensuring the homes constructed are resistant to hurricane and other hazards.

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