Lori Senecal Is A Sought-After Leader In The Corporate World

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Lori Senecal is a sought-after leader in the corporate world. She has led several companies to amazing success during her career. Lori Senecal is currently the global CEO of CP+B. CP+B is a growing agency that is taking on new challenges. Lori came in and interjected new energy into an organization that was expecting her to make dynamic changes. She has earned many awards throughout her career including Agency Executives to Watch. Lori was also given the title of Creative Innovator of the Year.


CP+B has made many bold moves while Lori has been at the helm of company. She immediately evaluated the available talent and expertise at CP+B. This allowed her team to push forward in a very competitive industry. In turn, CP+B landed valuable clients such as American Airlines, PayPal and Hershey. The work that the company did with Domino’s was recognized with the Titanium Grand Prix Award. The award is intended to shine a light on organizations that pave new avenues within a chosen industry.


Lori has had successful leadership experiences at other organizations such as KBS and McCann Erickson. Lori was the CEO of KBS. She held the title of Global Chairman and took the organization to an international level. Lori increased the workforce at KBS to 900 personnel. The company was recognized by Crains as one of the best places to work in New York City during this time.


Lori held the title of Global Chief Innovation officer at the McCann Erickson New York office. She was also the company’s President and earned the honor of Woman to Watch. Senecal was also a member of the Ad Council Board of Directors. Check out advertisingweek.com for more.



Lori Senecal is an active person who likes to start her day with some physical activity. It allows her to warm up to the ideas she has. Lori is then able to organize her thoughts and present them to the team. Senecal maintains a firm grip on her client’s unique interest and the efficiency in which the organization operates.



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