Talkspace is Getting People the Help They Need

Oct 29, 2018 | | Say something

Talkspace is a way for many to get the help that they need and when they need it. Even athlete Michael Phelps has used it to get through some of his darkest days. If is works for him it can work for you. He had struggled with depression and anxiety and just needed to talk to someone. Sometimes that is all you need-someone to talk to who will listen and give you fresh insight. Phelps is sharing his own personal story to help raise awareness for the need for therapy for so many. Talkspace is effective, and most of those who use it prefer it to traditional therapy. They also show a significant improvement after just a few weeks. Talkspace is licensed, and they have a team of over 2000 therapists, and it’s the affordable way to get therapy.

Talkspace is very convenient, and clients can talk to a therpaist when they need to. Depression and personal issues do not revolve around a schedule, and it’s important to have therapy available to clients when they need it most. Talkspace is also trusted and secure, and 50 percent of those who have used their service wouldn’t have otherwise sought help. In order to find a therapist that’s a good fit you simply fill out a quick questionnaire, select the therapist that you think would be good, choose a payment plan, and then you can immediately begin talking with your therapist. You are never locked in with one therapist wither and if you feel like you’d like to switch to a new one, you can.

Over 40 million suffer from a least one type of depression in the United States which is a staggering amount. Most of them do not get eth help that they need either because it is too expensive or too difficult to make time to do it in their bust lives. Talkspace is also known as e-therapy because it is easy to access. Talkspace offers therapy that is about 80 percent less expensive than therapy that requires a face-to-face setting, and they offer several payment options as well.

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