Robert Deigan: The Business of Technology

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Robert Deigan attended Purdue University from 1992 to 1995 and graduated with a major in Business Management. Three years after graduating, Robert Deigan founded his first company Fanlink. In his attempt to get his company up and running, he was very eager to do all the groundwork and get his hands dirty in order to build his company.


Robert Deigan always had a knack for technology and was very talented in customer service. A little over three years into his new business, Robert Deigan was appointed as the Executive VP at a software company called iS3 which deals with personalized tech support, digital security and computer optimization.


In August of 2011, after spending a considerable amount of time in the professional tech space, Robert Deigan felt confident that he could start another company and this is how ATS was born. ATS was founded in order to solve any technology issue, you can think of. If your digital data storage, home network or installation needs or mobile devices. ATS is the best place to get your technological problems handled. After spending several years in the digital technology space Robert Deignan was able to create a culture with a major focus on customer service and a company full of skilled and efficient staff who can help you handle all your issues at a go.


ATS has the best tools to help you solve your tech issues. They have the most skilled staff who are very fast to act on your requests. ATS also offers top quality software to ensure your system stays updated.


If you have a problem and you do not want to have them come into the privacy of your home, then it is very possible to have ATS access the whole system remotely so you don’t have to worry about having a stranger in your house.


According to Robert Deigan, a consumer-focused compliance is the backbone of a successful business like ATS. The decision to commit to the customers was a simple one after being able to meet all the set conditions. At ATS customers all their customers will receive the same top-notch service no matter how big or small an issue they might have.

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