Accomplished Businessman, Malcolm CasSelle

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MIT and Stanford University alum, Malcolm CasSelle, is the Chief Information Officer of OPSkins and the President of WAX.

As a graduate, early in his career, Malcolm CasSelle co-founded a Hong Kong information and telecommunications company in 1979, PCCW LTD., devoted to international public trading opportunities. Since its conception, PCCW LTD. is now valued at $35 billion USD.

As an extension of WAX, OPSkins, has proven itself to be the most profitable cryptocurrency marketplace for online video gaming platforms. WAX, an acronym for Worldwide Asset eXchange, is a worldwide platform of traders and collectors, buyers and sellers, creators and gamers, and game developers and merchants, looking to exchange virtual goods and services, on a virtual marketplace. The business was created to provide substantial opportunities to entrepreneurs in the Digital media, Communications, and Internet Technology. Worldwide Asset eXchange is often likened to Airbnb, Uber, Alibaba, and Amazon, where the individuals are in total control of the services sold, schedules, and prices set. WAX has unlocked an artistic media platform within South Korea, especially revigorating the country’s Gaming and Digital Media interests. The virtual marketplace has generated much-renewed attention in game creation, blockchains, and global cryptocurrency.

Before OPSkins and WAX, Malcolm CasSelle was the President and Chief Technology Officer for Tribune Publishing, now known as tronc. His duties included managing digital assets and leveraging probable growth opportunities. Malcolm CasSelle was also the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Digital Media at SeaChange International; the company had appointed him to the position after acquiring his startup company, Timeline Labs. Timeline Labs, was an analytic and social media management solutions service, geared towards online business, looking to obtain online user data on content-based information.

Presently, Malcolm CasSelle is an advocate for investments. He has invested much of his assets in Facebook, Zynga, and has funded various block and data chains. Malcolm CasSelle, also provided assistance funding to Groupon, during their joint business venture with the Chinese Internet-based information technology business, Tencent. Also, Malcolm CasSelle lent his industry expertise to a variety of startup and growth companies, in the fields of digital media and online gaming.

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