How Heather Parry Helped ‘A Star Is Born’

Mar 29, 2019 | | Say something

Heather Parry is the president of Live Nations Production and is one of the most prominent names and giants of the concert productions. Heather is a woman of absolute wonder, fusing together music and cinema in her works. She also has experience working with Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions.

Heather Parry 

As soon as Heather Parry found out that Bradley Cooper was directing his own film, Heather knew that she needed to become a part of something so phenomenal. Heather Parry knew Bradley Cooper personally, and so she directly called his agent, Dave Bugliari, and funnily enough when she called Dave, he was on a ski lift on a ski trip. She opened up strongly with the question on how she and Live Nation Productions can get involved with the production of A Star Is Born. She directly stated what the company can offer, the platforms where A Star Is Born can be marketed, like venues, festivals and concert tours. Heather was extremely forward displaying all the assets and the ways the company can help A Star Is Born.

The only reply of Dave was that he was on a ski lift – but then he returned the call the same night and then he coordinated with Bradley. From there, they all went to a dinner party for Martha Steward at Bill Gerber’s abode, Bill was one of the producers of the firm, and while everyone was talking about the life and works of Martha Stewart, Heather Parry was at the corner pitching her business ideas to Bill. Then after which, they held meetings where Heather was able to showcase the media marketing deck of their company and how their media mileage can help A Star Is Born, and how they will be passionate and dedicated about the production – and it yielded very impressive results.

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