Gino Pozzo,Legal Owner Of Watford F.C

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Gino Pozzo was a greatly known Italian business person born from both Gianpolo and Giuliana Pozzo where he spent his child life in Udine, Italy. He completed his education at the age of 18 at Harvard University in the United States. As the son of Gianpaolo Pozzo, he followed his father’s footsteps in becoming a businessman in Italy. After finishing his studies, Gino Pozzo decided to venture more into their family owned Italian business where he took over the business and became the head manager and right owner of the company entitled Watford F.C which was based in England.

Watford F.C was a football club acquired in 2012 by both Gino Pozzo and his father from its former owner, Laurence Bassini. They decided to expand the football ball where they moved big players from other teams and selected them into theirs. Gino Pozzo currently resides in London together with his wife and three kids from where he managed the Watford Football Club together with all his team. He did several transfers from Udinese Calcio, his father’s football club and the other Granada CF.

Gino Pozzo lead his football club to greater heights by leading them into participating in the world known football leagues played within their own countries and made them earn good scores that made their home funs proud of each of them. Gino Pozzo in an interview said that he developed football ambition when his father bought Udinese club which later brought him a great reputation and became the most successive club owner among the European state.

His Father’s club also managed to Champion’s League from Serie B which earned them success in the football world as well as a name in the Champion’s League. Gino Pozzo became a fun of English Football because Watford F.C entered the Premier League ,the highest level of football competitions that were presented in the United Kingdom and this gave him the challenge to enter and compete with other club players.

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