Boraie Development Offers an Affordable Solution for Luxury Living

May 1, 2019 | | Say something

Boraie Development LLC has over 30 years of experience in real estate development. Focusing on the company’s vision, reliability to every project, and capital makes Boraie Development one of the most sought after developers in New Jersey. With a large capital base from large commercial banks, Boraie has been creating projects that attract residents and tenants.

The most recent project to be commissioned by Boraie Development is a leasing office for The Aspire, which has direct access to and Philadelphia and Manhattan. The 17-story luxury building will be the focus of luxury brands in New Brunswick. The 238 spacious, two and one bedroom apartment boasts of a full-service building, built with modern technology offering the comfort and lifestyle that the residents desire.

During the commissioning of the project, Hiam Boraie, the vice president for Boraie Development, said that New Brunswick had become a very sophisticated city and residents are craving for more features and service options. He noted that The Aspire would have unique and superior services that include on-site maintenance, management, and a 24-hour doorman with a garage that has direct elevator service to the lobby. Besides, all units will have a great view of the downtown, accessible through over-sized windows.

Apart from the Aspire, Boraie Development LLC will embark on a milestone project worth more than $150 million near the Performing Arts Center in New Jersey. The building, to stand at 275 feet, would be the city’s third-tallest structure. Shaquille O’Neal and Partners have contracted Boraie Development to do the project on their behalf. Mr. O’Neal noted that he had chosen Boraies because of their development work and values in New Brunswick.

While commenting on the project, Mr. Boraie said that the project would be near the Prudential Center and a comfortable distance, where one can reach the Penn Station in Newark. He further noted that it would be readily accessible to shoppers in Newark.Additionally, the facility would include space for ultra-modern amenities like lounges, roof-decks, parking lots, retail shops and restaurants. Boraie also noted that the Construction would take less than 25 months. Among other investors include Goldman Sachs, who has taken a keen interest in the project.

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